Android Stack

After a 6 year hiatus, I'm back on Android. Let's see how it goes.

ZTE Visible R2 / Android Oreo / Visible / Updated 2019-08-16

Looking For

  1. Simple widget for homescreen that just says the estimated remaining battery time.
  2. Better private keyboard.

Launcher: Evie Launcher

Switched from Apex Launcher. The search was much needed and it feels lighter and fater.

Keyboard: Fleksy

WAY better prediction system, good GIF support, AND all your typing stays local = PRIVACY.

Previously: AnySoftKeyboard - Open-source for safety! Bad recommendations and GIF search.

Messaging: Signal

Having trouble with group MMS but I like Signal a lot. I wish Telegram could be my default though (no SMS support).

Browser: DuckDuckGo

The privacy and the search are great. Where are the new tab bookmarks from the iPhone version?!

Podcasts: Podcast Republic

This app is a godsend. It has episode search and a "Mark All Previous As Read" option which is just *chef's kiss*. It's much quicker in the podcast lookup too. I'm a huge fan.

Trying Out

The Rest

Sexy Tooltip