Chris Hallberg

Pick A Spy

a tool for people who lie to their friends for fun

These French Fries Are Dozens of Games

how to play more word games with the one you have

JSON Against Humanity

finally, CAH as plain text and JSON. Now open-source.

Country or Christian

Can you tell the difference? A silly data-mining project.

Collision Detection in p5.js

a fork of Jeff Thompson's magnificent tutorial


Best of 2019

Today I Learned

a running collection of code things I learn (updated 21 Sept 2019)

Best of 2018

Hidden Role Games, an analysis

Games for Real Life

a collection of my favorite folk-games

Open Source


search and discovery systems for libraries; my 9 to 5


a simple and accessible autocomplete interface for web input


pretty toggle labels

word assassin

a party game powered by Firebase and paranoia


a fast npm package for looking up location/zip code pairs



my Ludum Dare 31 game (2014)

[ OHKE ]

a silly party game with sounds

Top Goose

a drag race using 7 computers per car for GGJ 2018. Source. Demo.

A Haunted House

my first 200 Word RPG Challenge entry (entry page)

Tie Tac Toc

a classic with a touch of randomness

Binary Black Jack

wordless rules for @BinaryCardGame

Jedi Force Battle

from the First Annual Timberlane Middle School Game Jam



js1k 2017


js1k 2016

Bring A Map

js1k 2014

Ford the River

js1k 2011

15 Square

also js1k 2011

My Toolbox

Ninite Bundle with all my basics

For life

For Code