Chris Hallberg

JSON Against Humanity

finally, CAH as plain text and JSON. Now open-source.

Country or Christian

Can you tell the difference? A silly data-mining project.

Collision Detection in p5.js

a fork of Jeff Thompson's magnificent tutorial

These French Fries Are Dozens of Games

how to play more word games with the one you have


Best of 2019

Today I Learned

a running collection of code things I learn (updated 21 Sept 2019)

Best of 2018

Hidden Role Games, an analysis

Games for Real Life

a collection of my favorite folk-games

Open Source


search and discovery systems for libraries; my 9 to 5


a simple and accessible autocomplete interface for web input


pretty toggle labels

word assassin

a party game powered by Firebase and paranoia


a fast npm package for looking up location/zip code pairs



my Ludum Dare 31 game (2014)

[ OHKE ]

a silly party game with sounds

Top Goose

a drag race using 7 computers per car for GGJ 2018. Source. Demo.

A Haunted House

my first 200 Word RPG Challenge entry (entry page)

Tie Tac Toc

a classic with a touch of randomness

Binary Black Jack

wordless rules for @BinaryCardGame

Jedi Force Battle

from the First Annual Timberlane Middle School Game Jam



js1k 2017


js1k 2016

Bring A Map

js1k 2014

Ford the River

js1k 2011

15 Square

also js1k 2011

My Toolbox

Ninite Bundle with all my basics

For life

For Code