Tiny Movie Reviews, 2017

All the movies I've seen this year, in order of appearance.

The Snowtown Murders - Compelling and subtle, but overall disappointing. Really interesting to see a slow natural corruption, but didn't live up to the story I had in my head. Not a fair review, maybe, but I lost interest quickly after things "got good".

Moana - Delightful and colorful. Brings be back to Hawaii everytime.

Beauty and the Beast - I never understood the new wave of live-action recreations, until I saw this movie. It was so charming and so delightful. Liked the modern touches on the characters and arches.

Wonder Woman - Enjoyed it more than I do most action movies. I feel like a fan-edit cutting out the love arch will solve some undoubtedly studio shoe-horned issues. I think minus 10 minutes or so this movie would be fantastic. By far the best DC movie.

American Anarchist - Interesting documentary. Insightful and well-constructed.

Finding Dory - Sensational story-telling. This movie messed with me harder than any movie since Toy Story 3. Animating that octopus must have been super fun or sucked a lot.

The Raid - A great action film. Lives up the hype. Compelling where American films are failing.

London Has Fallen - Didn't expect much, but I'm surprised at how good this movie is. Such a fun ride. Such good performances. Such bad effects. Such bad plot.

Baby Driver - Such a delightful film! The music is amazing and it's all clearly done practically with brings such motion and fun to the screen. Full of easter eggs. A movie I want to see more and more the longer I get to think about it.

The World's End - One of the best comedy movies I've ever seen. Edgar Wright at his comedy finest. It's the perfect vehicle for his style of humor and craft. 10/10.

La La Land - At first, the cheesiness repelled me, but the ending pulled me back. Watched a second time and now I can see what all the hype is about. This film is a delightful, technically incredible and classically spiced escape. It's so very good.

John Wick - The hype had me expecting more, but it is certainly a breath of fresh air for action movies. Very clean and clear. Outstanding choreography and cinematography. Love the world that was built for this story.

Wheelman - A very smart action film. Really creative use of camera constraint. The dialogue and situations are very realistic and intense. Brilliant.

The Thing (1982) - The way horror movies should be! What a great mystery! Smart characters succeeding at their smart ideas and adapting. Damn smart. Damn good.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - I don't think anyone would argue against the fact that it's the most beautifully shot Star Wars movie. Amazing art direction. I see why Star Wars fans can be really mad about this movie but the movie's message and arguments are stronger than the complaints. It's a mature look at the Star Wars universe that a franchise about to go into its ninth central movie needs.

The Greatest Showman - No complaints but not much to talk about either. It's a feel-good, formulaic movie with catchy music. I mean, even the idealistic portrayal of P.T. Barnum makes him look like a self-centered jerk, but it's good escapism.

Most missed this year: Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird, A Ghost Story, Shape of Water, Coco, Get Out, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Columbus