Tiny Music Reviews, 2017

All the music I've listened to this year, in order of appearance.

Middle Ground by Richard Stirton - I got this album to capture this amazing cover of Bon Iver's Skinny Love. The rest of the album is a varied and well-executed concept that is great to drive to.

Not Even Happiness by Julie Byrne - An album so light and relaxing, I really couldn't tell you more about it.

Moana Soundtrack - Very fun, but the songs you want to hear are few. Each song is very repeatable.

÷ by Ed Sheeran - This album is 50/50 good and bad songs. The Irish folk songs are excellent, Shape of You and What Do I Know? are super catchy.

Be The One (Dua Lipa Cover) by Youngr - A single song that is a singularly fantastic cover. So upbeat. A manifesto of musical style.

Peter Silberman - First bit of music to stop me in my tracks this year. Checked out his album, Impermenance, and it's super chill. His Tiny Desk Concert is my favorite from him.

hopeless fountain by Halsey - Halsey has a dear place in my heart and I know that she matches different sounds to her albums for effect. However, I couldn't get into this one. It just fades into the background for me, nothing particularly unique in it.

Peaceful Road (Single) by City and Colour - Please let there be more of this soon.

Joseph - Such a fun acoustic sound. Moving lyrics.

Wild Reeds - Nice and mellow and relaxing, just the way I like it.

The Avett Brothers - Their concert's highlights were their covers. They didn't play the only song of theirs I would have recognized: The Ballad of Love and Hate.

Breath of the Wild OST - What a BRILLIANT concept for a Zelda soundtrack. Staggeringly moving and subtle.

Baby Driver Soundtrack - YES.

Mashup Manifesto V by Isosine - Fucking hell. This is a solid album. It's just so good. Isosine has taken there craft to another level. It's FREE, go get it.

The Nashville Sound by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Quality fun. Grabbed it for Molotov.

Paper Trails - Such a light and happy sound. It's like if the characters the Civil Wars sang about had a healthy, mutual love.

Beast Epic by Iron & Wine - Always love me some new Iron & Wine! I don't know how he continues to make so many great songs.

The Air is On Fire by David Lynch - Awesome ambiance for tense/mysterious game nights.

Hawaii: Part II by (basically Tally Hall) - I like it, but it's too weird to listen to around Nicole, or in the car, or play outside of headphones.