Tiny Music Reviews 2018

All the music I listened to in 2018, in order of appearance. /* designates a meaningful re-listen.

* Another Night by Good Morning Babylon - Just discovered that this may be the most obscure music I'll ever listen to: A Cape Town alt-reggae band with less than 200 FB likes, 38 subscribers on YT, and their only song having less than 8,000 views.

*Autodomesticated Animal / One / Looking For Love by Birdtalker\ - One of my favorite bands just released what I hope\\ is a preview of their new album. Subtly and beautifully political, great commentary on society. If this is a taste of the new album, it may be musical philosophy for me, more modern hymns to live by.

Call Me By Your Name OST by Sufjan Stevens - Three of the most intimate and beautiful songs I've ever heart. Capture and upstage the whole movie for me.

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - I had culture shock when I learned that S.O.B. wasn't an old song from the 1940s. The rest of what I heard was wheming.

Rafters - EP by Good in the Dark - Grabbed this Harrisburg local band for a day of work in their native city and I have yet to grow tired of these four songs. Very unique.

This Is Not an Album by Youngr - Finally a debut by one of my favorite YouTube artists. A good mix of songs, but I was hoping for more "bootlegs", as he calls his particular brand of mashup/remix.

Chillhop Essentials Playlists - Yes.

Strobe (Remix) by Sparkee - A fun song taken to the next level with a live bass cover.

Lost on You by LP - A gripping album. If Halsey is whiskey, LP packs the smokey peat. Thanks to Campo Santo for this discovery.

Highway Jetliner by Brett Taylor - Listened to this because of the name, obviously, turned out to be almost too sweet, YA-esque country music. Not bad, but melting in your mouth means there's not much to chew on.

Bitter Like Me by Alton Brown - Well... I'm glad he had fun.

Off To The Races by Jukebox the Ghost - While listening to Jumpstarted for the first time I was truly giddy and said things like "OOOO they're gettin' WEIRD with it... and I LOVE IT!". This is going to be fun.

One - Birdtalker - Contains some of my favorite songs ever, not as immediately gripping as their debut EP, but that's likely due to how much deeper the songs are.

Nivalis - Árstíðir - Hauntingly beautiful. Nice ambience.

Rain and Laura - Wylder - A more upbeat Birdtalker style, thanks for the recommendation Deborah!

#Cookie Jar - Red Velvet - Hahaha! This is fun.

Young Beauties and Fools - The Glorious Sons - A recommendation from my sister that I liked enough to make Nicole sick of it really fast.

Canary / The Trouble with Wanting / Winter Song - Joy Williams - The hype for the new album is real.