Tiny TV Show Reviews, 2017

All the tv shows I've seen this year, in order of appearance.

British House of Cards - Much less subtle than the American interpretation. I enjoyed season 1, but I probably won't return because I prefer the US version.

The People vs. OJ Simpson - This is seriously good. I'm not too familiar with the case, but I'm drawn to the very realistic and very well produced and performed the show is. It's so natural and believable. I often can't tell when the footage is archival or recreated.

Chef's Table: France - So beautiful and intimate. It's like Jiro Dream of Sushi the TV show. Love the contrast of each episode to fit each person. Season 1, Episode 1 is still my favorite.

Bob's Burgers - In honor of the later seasons coming of Netflix, I want to commend this incredibly creative and truly hilarious show. Great bite-sized episodes as well. Awesome attention to detail, especially running environment jokes.

Bill Nye Saves the World - This show gets off to a slow start. The set design is awesome, but underused. The celebrity guests seems almost random. The experiments take place on such a small scale for a show that is live and with such an epic goal. However, the show improves quickly. It's very clear they're taking feedback from their live audience because the show gets better and better. The final two episodes of this season say so much more so well. The episode on sex and gender is truly great television. Things they get right the whole time: diverse expert panels, title design.

MST3K, The Return - An incredibly successful reboot. Improves the format very naturally. I commend how well they've kept the campy and slightly awkward nature of the original show by using what would normally be considered an imperfect take. The new test subject is fantastic. The joke writing has a much faster pace, but most of the jokes stick, so it doesn't seem like trying too hard to me.

Great British Baking Show - So relaxing and joyful. I wish American shows had this level of comradery.

Game of Thrones: Season 5 - Shit it's just as good as my favorite book. The changes are all so compelling.

Game of Thrones: Season 6 - It's fun being completely caught up with a show. Watching the show without knowing what happens, I gotta say, makes me really wanna read the book. Dat finale doe.

Game of Thrones: Season 7 - Gorgeously shot and starts off well-paced. Feeling really rushed around episode 5. A 7-episode run that is sprinting to have a action-packed final 2 episodes. I agree with the assessment that it feels like a DND campaign where the GM's mom gave a 30-minute warning. Kind of made Game of Thrones a show I don't recommend anymore...

Rick and Morty - Gosh this show is brilliant. It's dark, captivating, and very funny. I love the rules it sets for itself (Rick is actually the smartest person and every fact that comes out of his mouth is true) and I love the insanely clever plots. Finished 2 seasons.

Stranger Things: Season 2 - Our New Year's Eve marathon! I only saw a fake spoiler and a comment on the show that was simply "Stranger Things has a problem with women" and I kind of agree, the women in the show all seem to be chaperoned in some way, and I don't understand why everyone hates Max so much. Acknowledging that expectations were high, I thought the main mystery was very fascinating and compelling. There were a lot of incredible scenes and memorable shots, I almost wish it were only 6 episodes though. What TV show needs 3 different jealosy plotlines? If they do a ST3, I hope the creators can better capture the things that made the original season so good.